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What levers can be used to make the company's employees actors in its CSR commitments?

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As an international expert in energy and infrastructure services, VINCI Energies has a highly decentralized organization: 83,000 employees from 1,800 companies in no less than 55 countries.
Despite the diversity of activities, business lines and structures that make up the company, all employees share the same culture and values. Values that come to life in VINCI Energies' CSR commitments and actions.
So when, in 2017, VINCI Energies made a commitment to the Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque association (to participate in the care of children with heart malformations who cannot be treated in their own country), the company was also quick to look for a way to bring this collaboration to life internally, to get all its teams involved so that they too could play a part in this fight.


VINCI Energies has joined forces with the United Heroes sports and well-being program to create a unifying project that meets 3 ambitions: 

  • Communicate the company's CSR commitments internally
  • Create a link between employees scattered around the world 
  • Leading the group on a daily basis

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Together to save children: an annual challenge to give meaning to physical activity
VINCI's sport and CSR project
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Throughout the year, VINCI Energies involves its employees and invites them to run, swim, pedal... in short, to expend their energy to raise funds and save children with Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque.
For every 30 points earned through the physical activity of employees via their United Heroes app, VINCI Energies donates €0.10 to the association.
An initiative that not only gives meaning to the physical activity of employees, but also brings them together across borders to support a common cause.

The Vendée Globe operation to support Initiatives-Coeur
Heart Initiatives
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VINCI Energies' commitment to Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque is also embodied by the Initiatives-Coeur sports and solidarity project: a boat that takes part in major races to raise funds for the association.
On the occasion of the start of the Vendée Globe, VINCI Energies is inviting its employees to take part in this adventure by mobilising as many of them as possible on the United Heroes application: for the duration of a weekend, their points are boosted!
For every 30 points accumulated, not 0,10€ but 1€ is given to the association.

A collective and united world tour
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In November 2020, while the Vendée Globe race was in full swing, the sailboat Initiatives Coeur hit a UFO and was forced to slow down. VINCI Energies immediately mobilized and launched a new challenge to its teams: to sail around the world (40,000 km) in 2 days to prove their unfailing support.
A collective and united effort was born: 3,741 employees were involved and 48,308 kilometers were covered, the equivalent of 1.2 circumnavigations in just two days.
A fantastic mobilization!

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Through the connected sport and well-being challenges, VINCI Energies has found a formidable lever for employee commitment. An adventure that will continue in 2021. 

By the numbers:
"Our goal was to have as many users as possible connected at the start of the Vendée Globe to show our skipper Sam Davies that VINCI Energies employees were supporting her in the race and were also helping to save children. When Sam had an accident, we challenged our employees to sail around the world in a way that Sam might not have been able to do - 40,000 km in just two days! Our employees surpassed the goal and this outpouring of generosity allowed us to fund a new heart operation for a sick child."
Violaine Bazil
Head of Communication - Projects, Vinci Energies

43 303€

of donations to Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque in 2020


heart operations financed by employees' sports efforts

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