Your employees are extraordinary

Awaken their potential

Our app is designed to encourage your employees to move and take care of themselves, so that they improve their lifestyle habits in the long term.
Build a complete program, punctuated by major moments of collective mobilization
Create an event and make a lasting impressionwith a sports, solidarity and collective challenge

Without borders Wherever they are, our app is within reach of all your employees.

Foreveryone All your employees can participate in their own way and at their own pace!

Solidarity Your programme is part of your CSR strategy: bringing your commitments to life.

Turnkey Articles, sports courses, workshops, connected challenges... Our teams take care of everything.

They are satisfied and say it loud and clear

Encourage your employees to take better care of their health, motivate them to do more physical activity on a daily basis, pass on your values and your commitments.
They will thank you.

"Ambitious, collective challenges for the benefit of associations, that is our pride every day in working for Harmonie Mutuelle! I discovered a real passion for running thanks to United Heroes."


Harmonie Mutuelle

"Cegedim Heroes has really been a blessing for me and other colleagues, it has motivated me to get back into the sport!
A real driver! I thank you."



"Just to tell you that the app is very good, easy to use, and above all it's very motivating to take up activities that we were no longer used to doing or that we never did!"



"It's a really nice app.
Simple offer, motivating (without being guilt-inducing, there's info.
I surlike"



I have (finally) found a good motivation to get back into sport: the PwC sports and solidarity challenge!



"United Heroes lives up to its name! My physical activity has almost doubled (or more) thanks to the app. Proud to have contributed to this sporting and solidarity challenge, and looking forward to seeing my company's success stories!"



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