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Castorama is a French reference in the world of DIY, with 12,000 employees, a head office in Lille and around one hundred stores throughout France. 

In the store, salespeople, cashiers, logistics specialists and support staff (safety managers, human resources, management controllers, etc.) work side by side.

In 2018, in a delicate economic context, the company is looking to give a new impetus to its business around four axes: cohesion, employer brand, QWL and CSR. It called on Sport Heroes to reinvent itself and engage its teams around a positive and unifying experience.


Castorama has partnered with United Heroes (by Sport Heroes) to develop the Boost'N Go program, a program that promotes sport and well-being and meets 4 major challenges: Cohesion + Employer Brand + QWL + CSR. 

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Strengthened bonds and colleagues getting to know each other through the team system and collective challenges.

Employer Brand
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Fun and engaging communication around sports and team challenges to boost the brand's image and attract and retain talent.

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Concrete actions to support employees in a preventive manner, helping them to take care of themselves on a daily basis.

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Sporting, collective and solidarity challenges to mobilize employees and pass on the company's commitments, such as the fight against poor housing. Each step, each kilometre run, swum or cycled is an extra point in the United Heroes application. Points that contribute to the collective challenge counter! 

"The concept is innovative, cool and well built. The app is a good boost and engagement tool. Kudos to you."
"Boost'N Go is like a game with co-workers to see who does better than the other and to outdo each other every day."

In figures :
"The feeling of belonging can be tricky to create when you have a hundred or so stores spread across the country. We had to reinvent ourselves, find new ways to engage employees and ensure that they continue to be proud to work for the company. And that's what we managed to do thanks to United Heroes. In particular, thanks to the team system, to the collective challenges launched throughout the year. there is a very high level of enthusiasm on the part of employees."

Céline Bouzanne des Mazery
Head of the Legal, Employment and Working Conditions Area


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