Giving everyone the desire to move on a daily basis

We are convinced that technology allows us to offer the greatest number of people unrestricted access to sport.

We offer everyone services and sports ecosystems that support their sporting activities, from beginners to experts. We work on all the levers of learning and motivation to encourage long-term commitment.

Our objective: "that everyone finds their own way, their own practice, their own motivation, their own balance. In their own way."

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Sport Heroes is made up of a team of 90 sports enthusiasts who are convinced of the benefits of practising sport on a daily basis and who want to pass on these values to as many people as possible. Developers, designers, project managers or salesmen, the common point of this team is to live life with intensity and pleasure of surpassing oneself.
French team
Founded in 2014, Sport Heroes now supports and motivates more than 1.7 million users worldwide. Its teams work to imagine and develop motivational levers to encourage as many people as possible to get moving. In just 7 years, the startup has established itself as a key player in the field of sport, dedicated to a practice for all, connected, free and rewarding.
Team Australia
15 million has been invested in Sport Heroes, which now has offices in Paris, London, Sydney and Madrid and employs 90 people. True to its values, the company is officially committed to environmental protection and donates 1% of its turnover to the WWF.
Team Spain
In just a few years, Sport Heroes has become an expert in software solutions for creating and animating communities through connected sports and well-being. It offers its know-how to all types of organisations (brands, event organisers, NGOs, companies) to engage their community of customers, employees or fans.
United Kingdom Team
The start-up is also developing its consumer communities with Running Heroes, Cycling Heroes and Swimming Heroes in partnership with the FFN. These communities now reach more than one million users worldwide and serve as a laboratory for Sport Heroes' teams to develop new engagement levers.
Sportsmen, organisers, federations, institutions, companies and employees, Sport Heroes accompanies users in all areas of society and is now positioned as one of the leaders of the French SporTech.
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Experienced athletes, beginners who want to get started, employees you want to weld together. Our ecosystem allows you to reach all audiences.