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How to anchor a brand in the running world?

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PUMA is a sports player that does not hesitate to break the codes, to promote the surprising, the creative, the different. This philosophy can be found in all their communication, through their muses (Booba, Delavigne, Neymar, Bolt) or in their guerrilla activations.

In 2020, PUMA is preparing a major project: its return to the running market in 2021. But this is a highly competitive industry and PUMA is starting from scratch. How do you get the brand to speak up in 2020 (despite the Covid-19 health crisis) to start building its presence in this sector and to make its mark?


Running Heroes wanted to create a unique device that addresses the one urgent need of runners in 2020... RUNNING!
We relied on the DNA of our sponsor PUMA, the brand that does not hesitate to break the codes and created the 10K Free To Race PUMA: the first post-confinement race, which includes all the codes of a real race.

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A race, a real one
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The Puma 10K Free to Race is a real race: with a ranking, a medal, a t-shirt, and of course prize money for the first in each category.

The first virtual race
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But the PUMA 10K Free to Race is ESPECIALLY the first virtual race! An experience that allows all runners in France to start the race where they want and when they want during the duration of the activation (2 days). Only one constraint, run 10km and connect your activity tracker to Running Heroes. 

An extraordinary and supportive experience
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And we wanted to go even further, by allowing each participant in the PUMA 10K Free to Race to enter a draw to win "money cant buy " gifts and meet the greatest athletes in the PUMA team.
Given the context of the year 2020, the entire event has been designed to provide financial support to an association that is dear to us: UNICEF. For each bib purchased (10€), 6€ were donated directly to UNICEF.

Media amplification
The PUMA Virtual Race
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The project relied on the media power of Running Heroes, but also on an influencer system set up by Puma and relayed by big names in sport such as Pierre-Ambroise Bosse, Floria Gueï, Valentin Lavillenie, Stuart Dutamby, Laura Valette and Laetitia Guapo, who did not hesitate to take part in the race, and to make it known to the general public

A unique presence in the running world when all the major players in this market have struggled to be visible this year. 

By the numbers:

10 158

donated to UNICEF




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