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Woman VS the machines


How to rejuvenate and revitalize the brand image?

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Saint-Bernard is a brand specialized in preparation and recovery. It has succeeded in crossing the times thanks to quality products such as its heating patches or its balm.


Sport Heroes relied on two strong elements of the brand's DNA: its scientific background and its expertise in preparation and recovery. With the will to shift the subject, by creating dynamic and surprising objects of communication, able to catch the attention of the greatest number and to associate to the brand a modern image.

Thus was born the idea to associate Saint-Bernard with shifted sports experiences. First, we followed theevolution of a runner's face over 20km. Then we asked ourselves who was the best athlete between a swimmer, a runner and a cyclist. And the result is to discover here. Then, we imagined Woman VS the machines.

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The Woman VS the machines challenge
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To go even further, Sport Heroes proposed to the brand an even crazier experience, conducted in collaboration with Marine Leleu, influencer and sports enthusiast, to ensure maximum visibility.

She was offered a crazy challenge: a race against a subway, a VTC and a bus.

Media amplification
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In addition to this event, a three-stage communication system has been set up to reach the greatest number of athletes:

  • The announcement of the project on the networks (Instagram and Youtube) of Marine Leleu, relayed by Running Heroes
  • A "so who do you think will win?" poll to engage the Marine community, relayed by Running Heroes
  • The reveal of a brand content video shot in real conditions with Marine, to give the result to the community involved in this project and to the general public. 

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By associating itself with the figure of Marine Leleu and the media power of Running Heroes, the Saint-Bernard brand is making a bold and noticeable return to the running world.

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commitments, for an overall commitment rate of 14.8%.

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