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a loyalty program reinvented by Sport 2000
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Sport 2000 is a group of independent retailers with 50 years of experience in the sports and leisure market. With nearly 600 stores in France and 3,200 points of sale in Europe, the group generates €5.1 billion in international sales.
In 2019, on the eve of its new strategic plan "CUP 2024", Sport 2000 decided to reinvent its loyalty program in order to reward its customers' sporting efforts in an innovative way, and to improve its customer knowledge by aggregating data on their sporting behavior and activities.


Sport Heroes has revamped the traditional customer loyalty program and created a multisport platform 100% branded Sport 2000: "Livret Sport".
"The more you spend, the less you spend": the sport activity becomes a new argument to encourage customers to register to the loyalty program. Thanks to their sports activity, they win discount coupons to spend in store. Nothing could be simpler.

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Customer retention
Sport 2000 rewards customer loyalty
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All sports are taken into account on the Livret Sport platform. But to retain members on the long term, Livret Sport animates them thanks to a 360 device.
Inspire: members have access to articles and advice in their digital "magazine".
Motivate: leading brands offer sports challenges with prizes, and members compete individually and between stores thanks to the ranking system.

Drive to store
Thanks to Livret Sport, Sport 2000 generates traffic in stores
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This is the heart of the program: the more they sweat, the more points they earn, which are converted into loyalty benefits and allow them to save money on their sports purchases (in store). And this, from the 1st km!

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They are the ones who talk about it the best.

"It's become a reflex. I open my application and every effort I make is recorded. There are also challenges that are proposed each month by (for example, doing 40 km of running) which are often very accessible for me given the time I devote to sport every day. This is how I accumulated almost 12,000 points. This earned me a 55 euro check from Sport 2000."
, Livret Sport member
" I participate in the hiking and biking challenges whenever there is one, it's a good way to combine business with pleasure. It's a good carrot to get out there and work out and then sometimes I see tips come through, it's interesting."
Arnold, Livret Sport member

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