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The IRONMAN Group is the world's largest sports event organizer with over 1 million participants per year in more than 55 countries.

At the beginning of 2020, the IRONMAN group decided to create a brand new experience to federate its community by relying on the power of digital. A decision reinforced by the current events and the health crisis that is hitting event organizers hard: IRONMAN must find an alternative solution to maintain the link with its athletes.


Sport Heroes has created a digital platform in the IRONMAN group's colors to motivate its athletes, encourage them to train, participate in races and celebrate their performances with a real community of triathletes, wherever they are: the IRONMAN Virtual Club (IMVC).
While all sporting events are cancelled due to the Covid-19 health crisis, the IRONMAN Virtual Club platform allows them to be maintained in a digitalized form and guarantees a new source of income for the group.

The platform is based on 3 main pillars: train, compete and celebrate. 

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IRONMAN virtual Club Challenges
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Videos, articles, virtual challenges...
IRONMAN inspires its community, helps it to progress thanks to quality content and launches sporting challenges to challenge it.

IRONMAN Virtual Club Leaderboard
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Athletes compete in Virtual Races, wherever they are and whatever their level (they can compete with the greatest triathletes!).
With the Live Leaderboard, you can follow the evolution of the race all weekend, until the last minute, until the last participation...

IRONMAN virtual Club rewards
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Each effort is rewarded: athletes earn points that can be exchanged for gift certificates to be used on IRONMAN or partner products.
And for the finishers of a virtual race: a t-shirt and a nice medal as a souvenir of their performance.

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An enthusiastic community, proud to belong to this club of passionate athletes and who say it loud and clear on social networks with thousands of posts citing the Ironman Virtual Club.

By the numbers:
"Our team works closely with the Sport Heroes team on a daily basis to execute our virtual racing experiences on the IRONMAN VC platform. They consistently demonstrate that they are just as dedicated to our athlete experience as we are and have been a critical part of our mission to provide athletes the ability to train, compete, and prove that Anywhere is Possible."
Matthieu Van Veen
Chief Revenue Officer @ The IRONMAN Group


Participating countries

124 000

Total number of participants

35 000

Maximum number of participants in an IMVC virtual race

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