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Covid-19: How to maintain a special relationship with athletes during the pandemic?

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The Maybank Marathon, Indonesia's international marathon, is the only Indonesian race to be awarded the "Bronze Label" by World Athletics. When the Covid-19 pandemic hits the race organizers in 2020, the 9th edition of the Maybank Marathon will not escape. However, the organizers wanted to keep their community engaged and offer an alternative to physical races to motivate and excite running enthusiasts.

How can we reinvent this international event to allow athletes to take part despite health restrictions? By offering them a new experience: the virtual race. 


The Maybank Marathon Anywhere is born on the VRace by Sport Heroes platform: thanks to Sport Heroes' technology, participants can connect their sports trackers, record their performances and access the race ranking live.
While all sporting events are cancelled or, at best, postponed, the Maybank Marathon decided to innovate to offer free virtual races accessible to all. A way to motivate running fans and give them the desire to surpass themselves despite the context.

the Maybank Marathon virtual race
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Wherever they are, whenever they want
the Maybank Marathon medal
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To participate in the challenge, nothing could be easier. Before the race: runners register on the MyVrace platform and choose the distance they want to run. During the race: they have 2 days to surpass themselves, on November 28 & 29, 2021.

To each his own rhythm
choose your distance
race at your own pace
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In the exceptional conditions of the year 2020, all over the world, sanitary restrictions were imposed on the practice of sports: runners were constrained to certain rules during their outings (time and/or place). To allow as many people as possible to participate, the organizers decided to give all participants the possibility to divide their race into several sessions, so that everyone respects the sanitary measures of their region. 

  • 10K in 1 session
  • 21K in 2 sessions (11K + 10K)
  • 42K in 4 sessions (12K, 10K, 10K, 10K)
The spirit of community
Maybank Marathon finishers
Maybank Marathon merchandising
Maybank Marathon athletes
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Since this is a real race, athletes could also order their race pack: a limited edition offered by the Maybank Marathon. What a way to create enthusiasm and community spirit among runners around the world.

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A real craze since the launch of registrations which confirms the desire and expectation of runners from around the world: 11,000 participants registered in less than 24 hours, with a total of 19,000 participants (that is to say + 8000 participants than in 2019)

By the numbers:
"The response has been truly overwhelming and far beyond our expectations. In a very short period of time, when registration opened, over 19,000 runners signed up for the Bank Anywhere Marathon to take part in this new experience around the world."
Taswin Zakaria
President Director, Maybank Indonesia


of community members want a new virtual edition in 2021

19 000

participants in total (+8000 in 1 year)


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