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Coway Run: how to create an event in the middle of a global pandemic?

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Since 2017, Coway, a Malaysian company specializing in air and water purification , has organized its own race every year. A race that reflects the company's CSR commitments. Indeed, this race, more than its sporting and playful aspect, is part of a solidarity project: the Happy Water Project. The Coway race reflects the company's strong commitment to solidarity, as it brings together its Coway community and helps many Malaysian communities that do not have access to drinking water. 

However, in 2020, due to the global Covid-19 pandemic, Malaysia was confined and the race could not take place as planned. This was without counting on the motivation of the Coway Run teams who decided to digitalize their race.


The Coway Run 2020 becomes virtual, participants can register on VRace (a platform created by Sport Heroes), synchronize their trackers, record their performances and access a live dashboard.

Coway Run "changes the game": while all sporting events are either postponed or cancelled in Malaysia, Coway Run 2020 innovates by offering an original and interactive challenge. An animated and stimulating virtual race to boost runners' morale during this difficult period. 

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To each his own
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All participants must register online on the VRace platform and sync their sports app to track their miles. Coway runners then have one month to complete 40 miles. This allows them to race at their own pace and speed. They are able to see their progress through the badges they receive at each stage of the race.

Take the virtual race to the next level
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To make the experience even more stimulating and to encourage participants to take up the challenge and complete the 40 km, the race has 4 different levels, from level 1 = 3 km to level 4 = 40 km. 

Upon unlocking each level, participants receive a badge of achievement in the form of a pin for each level completed. Upon completion of the race, participants receive these badges with their finisher's kit.

Beyond the race, a real commitment to solidarity
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The Coway Run 2020 is more than a fun and motivating race. Part of the proceeds from the sale of tickets is donated to the Happy Water project created by Coway. This will help finance the installation of equipment to provide access to drinking water to the poorest Malaysian communities. 

Coway Run's goal is to make its community healthier and fitter while making a positive contribution to society.

Runners animated on a daily basis
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Every Sunday in November, Coway Run's "The boss fight" event mobilizes the community: bonus rounds that give participants the chance to win great prizes. For a chance to be selected, participants must prove they ran by posting a screenshot of their tracker on Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #CowayRunBossFight

"I started #CowayRun2020 on November 1, 2020 and completed the 40 KM challenge on November 8, 2020... happy as a clam as this is the 1st time I have officially completed a virtual race. This motivated me to continue running the full 70K distance" Gary Chai

"Coway Run is the first sporting event I have ever participated in. My very first event. At first I was hesitant but if you think there is a month to complete the race, then you try. And now I have finished 40 km! I can't believe it!" Rafia Riang

By the numbers:

52 %

managed to cover the 40km

4 529


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