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How to generate brand preference among runners?

coaching session by ASICS
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Asics is a major player in the running industry, specializing in supporting athletes and beginners for 70 years. For several years now, the brand has been deploying a new strategy to win back its core target group: core runners. This strategy focuses on a key phase in the consumer's life: the purchase intention.
According to a study, Asics estimates that 81% of runners might not run with the right shoe. The brand has therefore made it its mission to accompany runners by helping them choose the equipment best suited to their practice. How do they do this? By creating an innovative experience. A way to be considered well before the research phase in the head of runners, to generate brand preference, and ultimately the intention to buy.


Sport Heroes designed and organized the ASICS Running Lab Tour, a roadshow dedicated to all runners with a simple promise: to find THE shoe made for them.
9 friendly meetings in 6 cities in France to meet runners in 2020 and offer them a free tailor-made accompaniment that encourages the act of purchase.
The product testing event was accompanied by an ambitious digital campaign on Running Heroes to promote the operation to a wide target of runners.

The dates of the ASICS Running Lab Tour 2020
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Stride analysis and testing of Asics shoes
ASICS shoe testing
Advice from the ASICS experts
Podiatry assessment offered by ASICS
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Carried out by podiatrists from the National Institute of Podiatry, throughout the day, the podiatric assessment helps participants to better understand their running style. This information is crucial for choosing the right equipment.
With the help of Asics experts, participants choose a suitable pair of shoes to test on site and receive an exclusive discount coupon to encourage the act of purchasing.

Running session with FFA coaches
ASICS frontrunners
coaching session by FFA coaches
ASICS shoes testing by runners
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Participants test their Asics shoes, supervised by FFA specialists who give them technical advice to help them reach their goals.

On-site thematic workshops to complete the experience
welcome of the ASICS participants
recovery workshops
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On their return from their run, the participants are made aware of protection and nutrition thanks to Asics partners. In particular, they have access to an electro-stimulation recovery zone, managed by our partner Compex.

Media amplification
asics running lab tour website
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Creation of a mini-site 100% branded Asics to present the concept and manage the registrations.

Recruitment of participants by Running Heroes from its community of 700,000 members and 360° media plan (brand content, challenges, rewards, influence) to maximize awareness of the operation and generate brand preference.

The runners were there and spread the word: 91% recommendation rate for this series of ASICS events across France.

By the numbers:


pairs of shoes tested




conversion rate on shoe purchases

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