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Generate commitment around the brand and become THE sportswear brand by reference.

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The ICONIC is the leading fashion and lifestyle brand in Australia and New Zealand. The company uses the latest technology to provide access to local and international brands, fashion and sports products for men and women. The goal of The ICONIC SPORT Challenge was to increase awareness of the company as a sportswear brand. How did they do this? By promoting physical activity and encouraging people to move more.


THE ICONIC has partnered with Sport Heroes to create a personalized multi-sport experience available on desktop and mobile. An experience fully optimized to motivate people to get active and challenge themselves, and then complete the challenges, to earn rewards. Among them, incredible items from the best sports brands, not to mention discounts for THE ICONIC brand. 

The Sport Heroes app allowed tracking of all activities, including running, cycling, yoga, etc... Users had the opportunity to participate in 22 sports challenges sponsored by 22 different brands (Nike, Mizuno, Gaia, New Balance...) over a period of 8 weeks.

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No matter what the objectives, no matter what the level
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For 8 weeks, THE ICONIC SPORT Challenge aimed to get people moving and pushing their limits in various sports in Australia and New Zealand. Whatever the activity, it was synced and recorded on THE ICONIC SPORT Challenge app to be rewarded with points that, once accumulated, unlocked exclusive offers.

22 challenges sponsored by 22 different brands were offered simultaneously. Challenges accessible to all levels of practice. All challengers could participate and get active in their own way: walking, yoga, hiking, swimming, cycling, etc.

Sweat to be rewarded
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Thanks to the Sport Heroes technology, participants knew instantly if they had won one of the 22 challenges offered by the program. They could take part in one challenge at a time and have the chance to win prizes from the best sports brands available on THE ICONIC Sport.

In addition, they could participate as many times as they wished in order to multiply their chances of winning: two lucky winners were drawn per challenge and per day.

Advice and inspiration from professionals
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No challenge without a helping hand from THE ICONIC: participants could access training videos as well as inspirational content to help them with their workouts and recovery. Videos and articles were also published to help people do their best during the 8 weeks!

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"I think THE ICONIC challenge is great, I've done it every year and I feel like it gets better every time, so thank you!" 
"It's a great concept to motivate people to exercise. I like the new app, it's very helpful."
"Good motivation to exercise during this time."

By the numbers:


Challenges issued (with a 71% success rate)


Participants (66% new users compared to the first edition)


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