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Conquering Paris

Harmonie Mutuelle, Salomon, Garmin

Conquer Paris, the birth of a new racing experience

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December 2020. The return to normal life is still some time away. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, government measures to control this health crisis have been accumulating. While all races are cancelled for an indefinite period of time, various questions are being asked.

How do you continue to motivate runners? How do you motivate those who have started during the confinements? Virtual races are certainly an alternative, but at Sport Heroes we wanted to go even further and bring back to life a "real race". The one where we challenge each other on the same course, on the same day. The one where we share smiles between participants, where we cross the same finish line. So we had to innovate and reinvent ourselves once again, in order to offer a new experience for runners, while respecting health standards


Sport Heroes then imagined a track game, the aim being to offer an innovative and entertaining experience around running, without any gathering. The concept was simple: a stage race, in pairs. The idea was to offer an event open to all. Parents, children, friends and even pets could play the game. 

Once the project was conceived, Sport Heroes joined forces with Harmonie Mutuelle, a major partner of Conquer Paris, as well as with Salomon and Garmin, official equipment suppliers. An additional boost for the sponsors who were no longer able to express themselves in physical events.

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An event that brings together virtually
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An event without a real gathering, but which nevertheless brought together virtually more than 1000 participants. 

This is also the advantage of a connected challenge: to gather whatever our objectives are. This leaves the possibility of mixing runners! From the youngest, 7 years old for this edition, to the oldest, the objective remains the same: decipher the riddles in order to find all the checkpoints.

Also connected by networks
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A connected event means a digital presence. The interest of runners on the networks quickly focused on Conquer Paris. It is in particular thanks to the participation of sports influencers such as "Nicodream" or "Elisa is running", with nearly 130,000 subscribers, that the network of participants in the event has grown. 

334,000 engagements in total, not to mention the approximately 1.2 million people reached by the media campaign and communication channels (Facebook, Instagram, Newsletter, etc.).

The connected experience is therefore a way for brands to stay connected to their community. This is what Running Heroes has managed to do, as they were looking to offer an innovative experience after the difficult period of COVID-19.

Partners who contribute to the success of the event
Checkpoints near the signs
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For Conquer Paris, five mechanisms were devised to highlight the partners, in addition to their presence in the media plan throughout the campaign. This is a way for the partners to be fully integrated into the race experience and to benefit from a dedicated voice.

How do you do it? Through these mechanisms:

  • Collection of participants' boxes from partner shops and shops
  • Checkpoints strategically placed near their signs
  • Surprise box containing Golden Tickets in the style of "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" containing products of the partner
  • A photo contest that boosts the visibility of partners tagged in participants' publications
  • A race T-shirt in the partners' colours

Activations that allow brands to establish their presence alongside runners and work on brand preference, but also to generate traffic in shops and convert new customers.

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"Well done to all your team for the organisation and we look forward to your next event!"

"Thanks! It was really cool to be able to get back to the racing atmosphere!"

"Thank you for this organisation, great race format, a big congratulations to all the team for the organisation and the weather"
In figures :


duo teams (sold out)

1.2 million

of people reached by the media campaign

334 000


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