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The annual challenge of the L'Occitane Group: a solidarity challenge that continues to push back all the limits despite a difficult health context.

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Beauty brand specialized in natural cosmetics, L'Occitane has 10,000 employees in 90 countries (70% in offices, 30% in boutiques).

For more than 20 years, the L'Occitane Group has been committed to helping people with their sight. 

It is notably alongside NGOs such as Light for the World, Hellen Keller International, the Association Soeur Emmanuelle and Sightsavers that the L'Occitane Group has been able to take part, in its own way, in the fight against avoidable blindness. In collaboration with its Foundation, the L'Occitane Group had set itself the objective of financing eye care for 10 million people by the end of 2020. The objective having been reached, 15 million beneficiaries are now targeted before 2025. 

Its commitment doesn't stop there: since 2016, the L'Occitane Group has offered its employees the opportunity to take part in a solidarity race every year with the aim of raising funds to support the cause. The Race for Vision.


To take up this new challenge, the L'Occitane Group has joined forces with Sport Heroes, an expert in the creation of community platforms, to amplify its action with two priority axes: 

  • To give an international dimension to this solidarity drive, by engaging employees in 57 countries and by offering an application in 8 languages
  • Animate employees daily to encourage them to take part in the race

Thus, on June 7, 2021, the 6th edition of the Race for Vision begins with a goal of 600,000 km to be covered on foot, by swimming or even by bicycle.

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Animations to animate and motivate teams on a daily basis
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Thanks to the Race for Vision app developed by Sport Heroes, each participant of the competition can contemplate with great satisfaction the result of his efforts. The more he runs, walks, swims or pedals, the more points he earns! Each physical activity is synchronized in the app and transformed into individual points, points that contribute to the collective momentum. 

A real motivational tool, Sport Heroes offers, through its application, various animations to encourage participants to move more: 

  • An individual and team ranking: to rely on the spirit of competition and the pride of belonging to a region and a team is to guarantee a collective emulation. 
  • Individual Challenge: Each day, the participant can earn bonus points by completing a new challenge. For example: take 10,000 steps, run for 30 minutes, cycle 25 km, etc.
  • Virtual Races: Fully connected races to earn bonus points to be added to the general counter: 1 week to complete a 5 km race on foot and 15 km on bike. On the app, participants can follow their progress in the live race ranking.
A collective and united challenge to promote the brand's commitment
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Running is good, but running for a cause is better! 

This is why L'Occitane Group has chosen the collective challenge: a global counter with a collective objective of 600 000 km to be covered for all participants. The participant sees the counter go from 0 to 100% by synchronizing his activities on the app (walking, running, cycling, swimming).

The established objective of 600 000 km is not drawn from the hat. In fact, although symbolic, covering these kilometers allows the release of a donation of 300,000 euros paid by the L'Occitane Group for the fight against avoidable blindness. 

An impressive but not insurmountable goal. Armed with their Race for Vision app, the competitors just have to put on their sneakers!

Rewarding employee commitment
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Even if the best reward is the success of their solidarity challenge, several other gifts come to boost the motivation of the teams. Kits to celebrate the ambassadors of the race and goodies with the colors of L'Occitane Group to reward the efforts of the participants: there is something for everyone!

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"It was a lot of fun and definitely helped me know the company initiatives better as well as stay fit!"
"Totalmente satisfecha con todo, me encanta"
"This app was much better than last year, a nice upgrade!"
"It's a wonderful competition, thank you so much for your help."
By the numbers:
"Preparing for the Race for Vision requires a lot of investment, time and organization. But when the event is launched, when you see the excitement it generates among all the employees, you know why you worked so hard! The Race for Vision is definitely one of the highlights of the year." - Camille Perez Internal Communication & Employer Branding project manager
Camille Perez
Communication & Employer Branding project manager


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