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Brooks present during the French vacations
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Each year, nearly 63% of French people go on vacation in the summer. Vacationing means getting away from it all and getting out of the city, but it also means that they want to be physically active. Brooks understands that holidaymakers are willing to engage in sports activities during this period.

Brooks is looking to strengthen its brand awareness among French runners. Already very popular in the United States, the American brand has set its sights on Europe with its products dedicated to running. However, faced with the competition (Adidas, Nike, Mizuno, etc...), the brand had to reinvent itself in order to reach the largest number of people. 

On the other hand, it's well known that brands don't talk much in the summer. Brooks has more space for communication, and this will only be more impactful.


Since 2018, date of the first edition of the Run Happy Tour, the objective remains the same: to mobilize the community of runners in order to boost brand visibility. How? By offering participants to test Brooks products throughout a "happy" tour.

After two first successful physical editions, it had to reinvent itself in 2020 to compensate for a difficult health context that did not allow for the usual physical roadshow. A first digital edition of the event proved to be successful and revealed the interest of a virtual device.

For the 4th edition, Brooks wants to once again develop the Run Happy Tour by combining digital and physical in a new hybrid device.

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Build commitment over several months
The "Funny Runners" by Run Happy Tour
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2 weeks of event, but actually several months of craze around it:

・ April: Polls on social networks to choose the run's stopover cities: a first contact with the runners since the last edition of the RHT. 

・ May: First challenge at the end of which the sportsmen could win a weekend stay at a stage of the RHT. The opportunity also to invite participants to put on their sneakers!

 ・June: Opening of registrations for the Run Happy Tour 2021 edition. All in music, thanks to the Run Happy playlist that has motivated more than one runner during their runs. 

 ・July: The "smile counter" relayed on the networks. A #runhappy and a photo of a smile during a run and it's done. 

Not forgetting the "post-event", highlighted by the digital device. The presentation of the Funny Runners, a challenge during which the runners chose their profile, in short, various and varied animations to arouse the curiosity of the runners while reinforcing the notoriety of the brand. Once the teasing was over, it was time for the main event: the Roadshow!

The Roadshow
A precise and individualized follow-up
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2 weeks, 4 stages, 856 runners, that's the Run Happy tour by Brooks. Not forgetting the mythical Brooks van which, despite its age, proudly represented the event on the Atlantic coast!

The stages were marked by pit stops where runners could test new Brooks products. This was also an opportunity to ride together as a group, in a good mood!

In Quiberon, Les Sables d'Olonne, Saint-Palais-sur-Mer, and even in Biscarrosse, the runners had access to a precise and individualized follow-up allowing the Brooks professionals to accompany them throughout their purchases. An original way to highlight the expertise of the brand and to strengthen its reputation once again.

A hybrid event for all
Roadshow by Brooks
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In order to reach as many people as possible and not be limited to the Atlantic beaches, the 2021 edition was both physical and digital.

This year, the digital campaign was marked by its "Funny Runners": caricatures of summer runners, which participants could identify with and defend by joining their "team". Represented in the form of illustrations, the caricatures served as communication assets relayed during the campaign. 

On the networks, in articles but also in the various challenges, the funny runners knew how to animate the storytelling of the event. And the least we can say is that it worked: 4.8 million reaches on the various communication channels. Not to mention the Funny Runners challenge, which won over 9900 participants. 

The hybrid would have pushed even further the complementarity between the physical device and the digital experience. It was thanks to these more immersive formats that runners in France were able to discover the inside of the Run Happy Tour and therefore the Brooks brand.

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Don't change anything, may the team keep its joy, communicative good mood and professionalism

Everything was perfect very good organization, friendly atmosphere, a pro team training and dynamic, a superb course, continue!

Bravo to Brooks and its marketing team for the organization of this road trip. Never easy to work on the image of a brand without having a 100% guaranteed return on investment

Thank you very much, the organization, the course, and the animators, everything is perfect. A pure happiness. See you soon I hope
By the numbers:

4.8 million

of reach

5,140 km

covered with the funny runners

10 650

participants in all formats

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