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The Hutchinson 1000 kms Race


A sports and digital competition under the sign of the game

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Summer is all about sun, beaches, bowling and cycling! With the good weather and longer days, it's the perfect opportunity for cyclists to enjoy themselves on their bikes, even during the vacations. 

It is also the time of the Tour de France. Hutchinson, the French reference in terms of bicycle tires, wanted to take advantage of this important event to gain visibility among cycling fans. In 2021, the brand has partnered with the Cycling Heroes application for a game-based competition.


Cycling Heroes has created a new challenge inspired by the popular board game "Le 1000 bornes". The challenge proposed to cycling fans: ride 1000 kilometers in 6 weeks. A challenge that seduced Hutchinson, partner of the competition.

From July 1 to August 15, all members of the Cycling Heroes community were invited to saddle up and ride as many kilometers as they could to possibly reach the 1,000 kilometer mark. A great way to push your limits. 

Have you seen a cyclist go by at the speed of light? He was surely participating in this competition!

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A pyramid of rewards
Hutchinson Race Awards
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10 stages and 100 kilometers per stage to reach the famous 1000 kilometers. 

At each level reached in this pyramid, the cyclists unlock gifts that reward their efforts. Every 100 kilometers, a gift, always more interesting than the previous one, can be won (by drawing lots) by the participants.

Bonuses and malus for a more fun competition
Fun run
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1000 kilometers is too easy, right? 

Always inspired by the 1000 km, bonuses and malus have been integrated into the competition to boost or slow down the participants. These unforeseen events allow the participants to gain, or on the contrary to lose, kilometers. They punctuate the 6 weeks of the competition.

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With 1.5 million kilometers covered by the cyclists of the Cycling Heroes community, the first edition of the Hutchinson 1000 kms race is a success.

By the numbers:




registered for the challenge


exceeded 100 kms

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