Virtual races

How does it work?

What is a Virtual Race?
It is a virtual sports event in which anyone can participate, wherever they are. The only condition to be considered as a finisher is to reach the goal of the virtual competition (e.g. run 5km, cycle 30km, etc). All sports activities are tracked in real time, so that a live ranking can be published.
There are no geographical limits: participants do not need to be in a particular place. Whether in the street, in a park, in the forest or on a racetrack, the race can be run anywhere for a certain period of time. Remember, at Sport Heroes it's "Your Sport, Your way" 💪

How to register for the race?

Once the participant has created a Sport Heroes account, he/she can then:
1. Register for the virtual race of their choice
2. If necessary, confirm personal information (gender, age, country); this information is mandatory for the live ranking
3. Then confirm the registration! In the "virtual race" tab, participants have access to all the races they have registered for.

How can I create my own virtual race?

Once you have contacted us to create your own virtual race, all you have to do is choose the characteristics of your race and send us your design elements (banners, logo...) so that we can design your race for you. Allow a few hours once we have received all the information and elements required.

Can I sell tickets for my virtual race?

Absolutely! You can use any payment platform to sell tickets for your race. On our side, we take care of limiting the entry to the race to participants with a valid code. On your side, you will have to make sure that the platform you use transmits a valid code to each participant who has paid for their ticket.

Will you help me find participants for my race?

Once your registration page is published on our website, it's your turn to play! To recruit your future participants, you will have to share the URL link of your race page on your communication channels: social networks, e-mail, website, press release, etc... If you don't have your own community or communication channels, then you can engage people who run, cycle or swim in France, the UK and Australia by launching advertising campaigns on our sports communities. We will help you promote your virtual event. Contact us 📩

Who owns the participants' data?

As the organiser of the event, you are the owner of the participants' data. At the end of the race, we send you the complete database with all the statistics of each of your participants and those of your virtual race. Of course, the users will have to have created a Sport Heroes account to be able to take part in your VRace, and we are therefore entitled to use their data for the race only. Outside of the race, Sport Heroes cannot use or share your users' data and will not be able to communicate with your race participants.

How much does it cost to create a virtual race?

We offer you an all-in-one package to organise your virtual race. It contains the creation of your race, the setting up of your page, the production of the virtual race, the user support, the virtual rankings, as well as the complete database and reports on your race. Please contact us and we will be happy to send you a quote based on the features you wish to implement.

Can I limit access to my race to a specific group of people?

Yes, if you want to make your race private for your employees or members of your organisation, we can restrict access with an individual code. Therefore, you only need to distribute the codes to your participants.